1. Hasiz Darya Shipping Line
  2. Mitsui OSK Line
  3. Wan Hai Shipping Line
  4. Orient Express Container Line
  5. Evergreen Shipping Line
  6. China Shipping
  7. Maersk Line
  8. Advance Container Line
  9. Hartmann Asia Line
  10. Interasia Line
  11. Hanjin Line
  12. Regional Container Line
  13. Hub International Shipping Co., Ltd
  14. Speeda Sipping Line
  15. Orient Express Line
  16. Ben Line Shipping
  17. Nippon Yusen Kaisha

Barriers and Issues

Information Data Exchange

  • Not adequate
  • Not clear rule and regulation
  • No coordination between SMEs
  • Insufficient Communication

Lack of PPP for Infrastructure (IT) & Transport

  • No Access to modern financial tools
  • Insufficient Insurance

Required Document

  • No automated systems in custom procedures
  • Registration is required to conduct new service
  • Still need prior license or permit for Export and Import


  • Rural connectivity & Regional Connectivity
  • Low Integration of Sub-sectors
  • Lack of sector support
  • Traffic regulation
  • Absence of transport policy and traffic regulation
  • Construction standards of primary road
  • Inefficient institution and technology constitution
  • Accessing to financing with high interest rates