U Kyaw Kyaw Moe @ Mark

U Kyaw Kyaw Moe is one of the co-founder of Business Alliance Hub Finance Co., Ltd which is one-stop solution for foreign investors in Myanmar. Currently, he is holding the position of Executive Director at Business Alliance Hub Finance and in his role, he is the leader in developing and implementing a comprehensive internal and external strategic business plan. He actively manages corporate business programs in the company. He decides where to invest, how much to invest in companies which have long-term prospects.
He is one of the directors in Myanmar Telecom Network (Public) Co., Ltd which is giving telecom services as Network operator and intends to be one of the public listed companies in Myanmar. Moreover, MTN is doing the services of Submarine, Satellite services, Broadband services and Net Generation telecom infrastructure and services.
He is also holding position as Director in Myanmar Integrated Networks Infrastructure Co., Ltd which specialize in finding and strategizing end-to-end telecommunication services, to operate and maintain infrastructure platforms. There, he is responsible for coordinating government affairs and e-government projects.
Moreover, he is Managing Partner at MamaBella Maternity Fashion and B. Cool Jeans Fashion, where his duty is to develop business strategy and promote e-commerce services through initiative marketing among the fashion industry according to changing
lifestyles and trend in this century. In addition, he also holds the position of financial controller in that company.
Recently, Kyaw Kyaw Moe volunteered as the External Financial Management Consultant at Myanmar Peace Center where his role was to consult financial processes and systems implied with EU guidelines for cost effective implementation of peace process.
In 2012, Kyaw Kyaw Moe held the Managing Partner Position at Business Alliance Hotel. During Pre-opening period, Kyaw Kyaw Moe built solid foundation for hotel operation through his extensive management experience. As the Managing Partner of that hotel, he took the responsibility for providing the overall management systems.
In 1992, Kyaw Kyaw Moe launched his career as operation manager at Apex Sports Limited which was the Trading, Services Company distributing the Wilson Sporting goods in Myanmar and in 1994, he took the position of Deputy General Manager at Living Color Boutique which used to sell USA and International brands like Levi’s, Guess, Sketchers, etc.
In 1997 to 2000, he was appointed as Director in company formed in Myanmar which was a joint venture between JAPFA COMFEED INDONESIA Tbk and Maykha Industries Limited. He worked there as a project manager to set up poultry breeding farm in Hmawbi which was regarded as one of the first Poultry Breeder farm in Myanmar at that time. He supervised civil works, engineering works and operational affairs. He also took supervisory role for upgrading Feedmill, Hatchery and commercial breeder farms in Ywar Thar Gyi.
U Kyaw Kyaw Moe co-founded Bagan Cybertech IDC and Teleport which is the first Internet Service Provider in Myanmar where he was also one of the Directors in 2001. There, he took the position of Head in both Administration, Sales and Marketing. He created and executed a strategic marketing plan and directed all aspects of the operations of sales and marketing. Moreover, he served as the technical coordinator in that company for VSAT, iPSTAR, Broadband services, e-Government projects and so on.
U Kyaw Kyaw Moe obtained a Bachelor in Dental Surgeon from University of Dental Medicine, Yangon. Moreover, he achieved Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and Administration from University of Economics, Yangon.
He wishes to be a mentor as he is a freelance advisor for Socio-Economic related entities.