Yangon SkyWay Train Project

  • Yangon is the most densely populated city in Myanmar. The population over 5 mln people. Yangon is the economic, educational, cultural and tourist centre of the country. Yangon is the main transport hub.
  • The current state of Yangon infrastructure – lack of public transport, low travel speed and insufficient level of comfort hampers the city development.

Current State of Yangon Circular Railway

  • 150,000 passengers per day, 20 km/h.
  • headway – 1 hour

Yangon Skyway Track

  • up to 3.6 passengers per day, up to 150 km/h.
  • headway – 30 seconds

Skyway Compared to Other Means of Transport

  • Construction and operating cost – x 2 lower compared to railway transport.
  • Speed of track construction – up to 1 km/day
  • Motion speed at SkyWay tracks – up to 500 km/h
  • Rolling stock capacity – up to 500 passengers per train
  • Transport system performance – up to 50,000 passengers in the rush hour and more.
  • Maximum gradient – 60%

Skyway Advantages

  • Reduced cost of tracks construction and operation
  • Increased average speed of passenger and cargo transportation
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Elimination of traffic congestion in big cities
  • Development of hard-to-reach territories and mineral deposits
  • Decreased areas of land acquistition for tracks construction

Yangon Skyway Project

General view of the tracks and stations

Rolling Stock – Unibus U4 – 210

Project Prospects

SkyWay tracks from Yangon to:

  • Hanthawaddy International Airport
  • Thilawa Special Economic Zone

Special rolling stock (unicar) for the Hanthawaddy Airport track


  • The company has adopted the Quality policy: the work towards the QMS certification according to the international standard ISO 9001-2015 is being carried out.
  • At present, the SkyWay rolling stock is passing the stage of certification at the “Scientific and technical Center under the Research Institute of Gorelectrotransport” (Moscow).
  • The compliance of the transport overpass with the established requirements for construction facilities should be confirmed for each project.

Additional Benefits for Yangon

  • Improved quality of life for people
  • Reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere
  • Elimination of public transport accidents
  • Growth of tourist flow
  • Employment generation
  • Growth of economic potential and investment attractiveness

Additional Benefits for Investors

  • High investment attractiveness of the project
  • High rates of return on invested capital
  • Amount of investment will be much lower compared to other infrastructure projects
  • After the successful project implementation it is possible to invest in other SkyWay projects in Myanmar and other countries.