Picture Time Presentation

India loves movies..

  • Largest number of movies released in the world ( 1600 + movie releases).

  • Number 1 entertainment option for people in India with 1.93 billion movie goers annually.

…However, India is severely under-screened!

Total number of screens have been dropping largely due to decline of the single screen!

Single theatres face multiple challenges and have declined; Multiplexes can’t go beyond top 50 cities

Challenges with single screen

  • Traditionally, large theatres with limited facilities

  • Difficult to ensure sufficient utilisation for all movies

  • With high entertainment tax and relatively low F&B and advertising revenue, the financial model is less viable

  • Real estate value is considerably higher than the value from screening- leading to closure of the theatre for other real estate purposes

Challenges with multiplexes 

  • Tend to be located in pricey real estate

  • Key success factors are high ticket prices, and high F&B revenues

  • Prices too high to be sustainable beyond top few cities in India

  • Largest multiplex is limited to ~570 screens and the industry has seen considerable consolidation between the top 4 to survive

Picture Time is designed to balance the challenges:

  • Create world class movie experience, for Tier 3 towns and villagers at low prices

  • Keep costs low by creating mobile theatres that don’t incur real estate costs and can move to new location ensuring higher utilisation

Picture Time to create the mobile digital multiplex- build largest number of screens in India

Picture Time

Theatres on mobile trucks

Great customer experience

Added revenue drivers

  • Theatres have been designed to fit onto a truck and be mobile
  • Will be taken to Tier 3 towns and villages to showcase the latest movies
  • Short duration presence and low ticket prices will ensure high utilisation in non-traditional film areas.
  • Movie experience to be world class
  • Dolby sound system, digital projection, 3D images
  • Plush seats and hygienic, family friendly environment
  • Plush seats and hygienic, family friendly environment
  • Focus on government sponsored citizen contact programs.

Technical Features

Movie Projector

  • Brightness: 5,000 ANSI Lumens
  • Lamp: 1 x 330 W Lamp
  • Video Input: HDMI with HDCP.

Movie Server

  • Digital Image Output: HDMI with HDCP Encryption
  • Storage: 500 GB storage, no RAID
  • Security: 128-bit AES Encrypted Content.

Filamchi app

  • App Dedicated to Picture Time.
  • App could be used for booking tickets, giving reviews and tracking Digiplex
  • App is also an MIS tool

Wi-Fi router

  • IOT-creates Wi-Fi in the zone of 50m radius.
  • Being a platform for advertisement, insurance, etc and also disseminating useful information to people.

Other Features

  • Vision security system
  • Real image media technologies
  • (Qube) is partner for projectors.
  • Foldable 18 Feet X 7.6 Feet Movie Screen
  • Canopy of the size 50 Feet (L) x 20 to 25 Feet (W) x 12 Feet (H) size is sufficient to seat 100 people comfortably.
  • Power Back up for 3 hours
  • LED Screen which can be used for advertisements.
  • A refrigerator – If needed can be used to transport medicines / vaccines to remote areas.
  • A foldable bed and a washroom cum toilet for the projectionist.

Interior View of the Mobile Digiplex

Site Layout

  • Creating a 100m x 100m movable Mela compound layout shown (Wi Fi Enabled)
  • Compound will screen movies and have shops for daily necessities
  • Mobile Recharges, Food Stalls, Utilities, E-commerce Products, Collections, etc
  • Critical Healthcare Delivery for National and State Government Schemes
  • Shops to be run by local youth encouraging employment in the region

Picture Time Mobile Multiplex

Beat Concept:

  • Rural area with a radius of 25 kms.
  • A beat gererally covers around 10 villages.
  • A truck targets one beat at a time for screening shows across the beat for around 10 days.


  • DCI compliant configuration.
  • Quality at par with any other multiplex.
  • Technical collaboration for Projector, Server and Content Supply with Real Image Media Technologies (Qube Products)
  • Dolby 5.1 audio for perfect surround sound.
  • Projection screen of 18 feet * 7.5 feet.
  • A specially designed collapsible all weather canopy to house 100 – 120 people.
  • PT Digiplex includes living quarters with washroom for the projectionist.

Benefits to the society:

  • Taking Digital Cinema entertainment to rural India.
  • Providing a platform to businesses that otherwise face difficulty in reaching rural parts of India e.g – ecommerce segment, insurance, etc.
  • Providing employment to rural population.
  • As a part of CSR activity educational and awareness programs are conducted via digital media.