Eucalyptus Plantation Conceptual Proposal

Our journey so far..

  • In 2014, we started Eucalyptus plantation in Ayeyarwaddy Delta in a strategic partnership with JK Paper, one of the largest & vertically-integrated Indian paper Group, listed on BSE.
  • Total Concession awarded from Ministry of Forestry Tender: 12,500 acres
  • Till date, we have planted Eucalyptus on about 2,240 acres with better-than-expected results (as certified by an independent, leading global sector-specialist consulting firm whom we have engaged as a core team member form day 1).
  • Plans underway to ramp up plantation investments in our remaining concession area.
  • Diversified clones/ species from different origins used for the said 2,240 acres which has provided us with key data-points & first-hand experience to better evaluate the relative pros and cons & suitability of different clone types / origins for the Ayeyarwaddy Delta region.

Pictures of Successful Eucalyptus Plantations (18 months)

Our existing plantation

Project Area

Why Eucalyptus in Ayeyarwaddy Delta?

  • Climate & Soil factors (the high rainfall, Soil PH & acidity levels in the area has proven to be optimal for short rotation, high yielding Eucalyptus plantations)
  • Our collective experience & results of existing plantations provide evidence for a strong business case for pulpwood plantations in Ayeyarwaddy Division and a potential Pulp Mill in future.
  • Increasing demand for Pulpwood / Wood Chips / Hardwood Pulp in Asia
  • According to Ministry of Forestry leadership and experts, Eucalyptus is the preferred forest agricultural product in the said region due to the tree’s ability to act as a defense against flooding. It is a tree that can adopt to varied environment conditions.
  • Many companies have experimented with rubber, jatropha and other items in the area with unsatisfactory results.

Why us?

  • We have invested our own resources in this project since 2014.
  • Proven track record of successful implementation
  • Strong and creditworthy off-taker in the form of our strategic partner – JK Paper Group (rated A / Stable by S&P)
  • Compliance with strict Environmental, Social and Ethical Business Practices
  • Our team on the ground has learnt valuable lessons and accumulated considerable experience from trial and error of our start-up
  • We now feel confident to take this project to the next level strong partnerships with multiaterals and international stakeholders will bring significant synergies.

Proposed Plan

  • BAH to lease up to 30,000 acres for 30 years per below schedule


  • From the day a share holder deposit in his own name in a 7 years fixed deposit account with any of the three following banks. The share holder will get 1% on his investment amount as his profit every month regularly up to 7 years.

    • KBZ Bank
    • AYA Bank
    • YOMA Bank

Facts & Assumption

Number of Trees per acre Between 800 and 825 Optimal as per our experience
Number of years before a tree can be harvested Maximum 7 years Examples from China, Vietnam and based on our existing plantations progress.
Average cost of preparations, planting and maintenance over 7 years horizon before optimal harvesting stage US $ 1.004 per acre Actual cost from our existing operations. Cost overrun buffers taken into account.
Total number of times a given tree can be harvested Maximum three times Examples from China and Vietnam. Standard norm.
Yield Between 70 and 100 MT per acre Based on our existing plantation’s progress and empirical data from regional countries using similar species / clones
Cost of harvesting and transport US $ 23 per GMT Conservatively forecasted
Current minimum wholesale FOB price of typical Eucalyptus cargo in Myanmar Between US $ 50 & 55 per GMT Current market price