• Business Alliance Hub
UYU Ye Min is Chairman of Business Alliance Hub,an innovative business development firm whose mission is to provide expertise and resources to foreign investors in Myanmar. He is an entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in international trade and business,during which time he has owned and operated 17 business. In addition to real estate development and agriculture projects, he ha imported branded electronics and exported rice,grains,forzen seafood and garments,among others.

  • Ye Min knows what it takes to navigate the political and economic climate in Myanmar. He is well versed in Myanmar’s Foreign Investment Law and has a vast network of trusted contacts across a multitude of industries and sectors. He also speaks fluent Burmese, English, Hindi, Urdu and Memon and has a working knowledge of French.U Ye Min currently serves as Chairman and/or Owner of, among others.

    • Business Alliance Hub
    • Business Alliance Hotel
    • Min Nwe Trading Company
    • Garment Factory in Hlaing Tharyar
    • Film Production
    • Railways_Development Projects
    • Body Glove Fashion
    • Construction
    • Guesthouse (Shwe Bon Thar Backpacker)
    • Guesthouse (Bo Aung Kyaw Backpacker)
    • Advertisement on Product Placement VCD Market
    • Lubricant Import
    • Human Hair Export
    • 24-Hour Mart,Convenience Store Chain
    • 500-acre Rubber Plantation in Dawei
    • Rice Mill on 18 acres in Zeigon
    • Electricity Substations
    • Fiber Optic Cable Services(Future Tech)
    • Eucalyptus Plantation & Paper Factory
    • Mining of Antimony & Gold
    • Cinema Theaters
    • Beans & pulses Export
    • Cutch Export

    Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility

    UYM-and-Zarganar-300x225U Ye Min cites Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a great influence on his personal philosophies, and his personal mission statement is to “Serve the Universe.”His hospital in Taunggyi provides free health care to patients who cannot afford treatment and in the past has worked with the Federation of Trade Unions Myanmar (FTUM) to provide free health care to laborers in Hlaing Thayar. U Ye Min also donates his own home, which currently serves as the production offices for the General Aung San movie, a biopic feature film about Myanmar’s national hero.IMG_0014-He also plans to develop projects that will serve as a platform for people at the grassroots level to benefit from Myanmar’s growth and development. As an entrepreneur himself, U Ye Min is committed to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs by way of empowering them to achieve their dreams through capital investments, education and practical training programs.Business Alliance Hub is a member of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) and the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM).


    1983 - 1988YMMU Ye Min began his business career at the age of 19. As the eldest son of six children, he took on the responsibility of providing for his family after the sudden death of his father. His father had built a successful business representing approximately 25 French companies in Myanmar.

    Ye Min immediately met with officials from the French Embassy and their counterparts in Myanmar. He corresponded with his father’s French business partners, who were initially resistant to entrust their business to such a young man. In the end, Ye Min’s determination and persistence prevailed, and he secured over 90% of his father’s business, ultimately serving as their local representative in Myanmar. These companies included Rhône Poulenc, Saint-Gobain Desjonqueres, Michelin, May & Baker, and Hydroland, among others.

    1988 – 1992 In 1988, Myanmar underwent significant political and economic changes, and international trade with many foreign companies, including Ye Min’s partners, was halted. Ye Min was forced to reinvent himself and embark on new business ventures.

    In 1989 the Myanmar Government permitted the registration of private companies, and Ye Min was admin-300x195 He founded Excellent Enterprise Ltd. (E.E.L.) – the #13 company registered in the country.

    E.E.L. served as the buying agent for a number of international companies such as R. Piyarelall, Kothari, and Andre (a Swiss company, and the 3rd largest grain dealer in the world at the time). E.E.L. engaged in a number of trading activities, specializing in rice, beans and pulses, sesame, and rice bran, among others. E.E.L. also imported wheat flour, rice mill spare parts, and other large industries on a turn-key basis.During this time period, Ye Min was also instrumental in the establishment of three rice mills in Myanmar, valued at $10 Million US.

    1994 – 1997

    IMG_0001-300x210-300x210In 1994 and 1995, Ye Min formed Diplomatic Business PTE Ltd. and Atka PTE Ltd. in Singapore with family members. They imported a variety of consumer goods such as electronics, watches and food stuffs as well as construction materials into Myanmar.

    During this time period Ye Min also became one of Myanmar’s largest rice and grain exporters. By 1997 he was exporting nearly 250,000 tons of rice and 80,000 tons of beans and pulses annually.

    1998 – 2003Due to political and economic changes in Myanmar, Ye Min was once again forced to reinvent himself and start new business ventures. After a brief stay in Singapore he returned to Myanmar where he engaged in the health care and garment industries. He was also involved in the establishment of an 80-room hospital in Taunggyi (capital of Shan State) and the Yangon Medical Center.His garment factory consisted of 500 machines and employed over 600 people. The factory produced t-shirts, polo shirts and shop towels, which were exported to the United States and sold to multiple outlets (including Family Dollar) until sanctions were imposed in 2003.The factory remains closed, but U Ye Min hopes to re-open it now that sanctions have been lifted.Other Business InterestsYe Min has engaged in a number of business ventures and activities over the years. He has produced films, worked in the construction business and traded goods all over the world. In addition to the activities mentioned thus far, he has also exported rubies and other fine gemstones, natural dyes, tamarind and turmeric, among others. He’s also been a leading importer of construction materials, wheat flour, milk powder, watches, electronics, super glue and various adhesives.Other business ventures include department stores and malls, convenience shops, and other small and medium-sized enterprises. All told, Ye Min owned and operated over 17 businesses from 1983 until present.