Business Alliance Hub is also business development center. Our business development Company (also known as BDC) is a public corporation that invests in small and mid sized companies. Obviously the idea is to grow the investment in Myanmar. BAH has a successful well developments and most of the projects are currently in the pipelines.

Success Mission

Body Glove

Body Glove Myanmar is our successful development project of Business Alliance Hub. We are currently the Channel of Direct Distributor in Myanmar of Body Glove USA Brand by collaborating with Body Glove Thailand (BGT) corporation.

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Backpacker GuestHouse

The Backpacker B&B is a backpacker-friendly budget accommodation housed in a traditional Burmese building.SME with ongoing development projects and more plans of expansion in the near future.Awarded a 9.0 rating on in 2015.

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Plantation of Eucalyptus

In 2014, we started Eucalyptus plantation in Ayeyarwaddy Delta in a strategic partnership with JK Paper, one of the largest & vertically-integrated Indian paper Group.Total Concession awarded from Ministry of Forestry Tender: 12,500 acres. Plans underway to ramp up plantation investments in our remaining concession area.

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Projects in Pipe Lines

  1. Garment Factory Project
  2. Terry’s Choice Coffee Shop
  3. Petrol Pump
  4. Gold Master
  5. Mushroom